Instructor’s Solutions Manual (ISM) for Foundations of Nursing, 3rd Edition, Lois Elain White, Gena Duncan, Wendy Baumle, ISBN-10: 1428317732, ISBN-13: 9781428317734, [DOWNLOAD INSTANT & ANONYMOUSLY]

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Instructor’s Solutions Manual (ISM) for Foundations of Nursing, 3rd Edition, Lois Elain White, Gena Duncan, Wendy Baumle, ISBN-10: 1428317732, ISBN-13: 9781428317734, [DOWNLOAD INSTANT & ANONYMOUSLY]

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Unit 1. Foundations.
1. Student Nurse Skills for Success.
2. Holistic Care.
3. Nursing History, Education, and Organizations.
4. Legal and Ethical Responsibilities.
Unit 2 – The Health Care Environment.
5. The Health Care Delivery System
6. Arenas of Care.
Unit 3 – Communication.
7. Communication.
8. Client Teaching.
9. Nursing Process/Documentation/Informatics.
Unit 4 – Developmental and Psychosocial Concerns.
10. Lifespan Development.
11. Cultural Considerations.
12. Stress, Adaptation, and Anxiety.
13. Loss, Grief, and Death.
Unit 5 – Health Promotion.
14. Wellness Concepts.
15. Self-concept (NEW).
16. Spirituality (NEW).
17. Complementary/Alternative Therapies.
18. Basic Nutrition.
19. Rest and Sleep.
20. Safety/Hygiene.
Unit 6 – Infection Control.
21. Infection Control/Asepsis.
22. Standard Precautions and Isolation.
23 . Bioterrorism (NEW).
Unit 7 – Fundamental Nursing Care.
24. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance.
25. Medication Administration and IV Therapy.
26. Assessment.
27. Pain Management.
28. Diagnostic Tests.
Unit 8 – Nursing Procedures.
29. Basic Procedures.
30. Intermediate Procedures
31. Advanced Procedures
Unit 9. Essential Concepts.
32. Anesthesia.
33. Surgery.
34. Oncology.
Unit 10 Nursing Care of the Client: Oxygenation and Perfusion.
35. Respiratory System.
36. Cardiovascular System.
37. Hematologic and Lymphatic Systems.
Unit 11. Nursing Care of the Client: Digestion and Elimination.
38. Gastrointestinal System.
39. Urinary System.
Unit 12. Nursing Care of the Client: Mobility, Coordination, and Regulation.
40. Musculoskeletal System.
41. Neurological System.
42. Sensory System.
43. Endocrine System.
Unit 13. Nursing Care of the Client: Reproductive and Sexual Health.
44. Reproductive System.
45. Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
Unit 14. Nursing Care of the Client: Body Defenses.
46. Integumentary System.
47. Immune System.
Unit 15. Nursing Care of the Client: Physical and Mental Integrity.
48. Mental Illness.
49. Substance Abuse.
Unit 16. Nursing Care of the Client: Older Adult
50. The Older Adult.
Unit 17. Nursing Care of the Client: Health Care in the Community.
51. Rehabilitation, Home Health, Long-Term Care and Hospice.
Unit 18. Applications.
52. Responding to Emergencies.
53. Integration.
Section III. Maternal & Pediatric Nursing.
54. Prenatal Care.
55. Complications of Pregnancy.
56. The Birth Process.
57. Postpartum Care.
58. Newborn Care.
59. Basics of Pediatric Care.
60. Infants with Special Needs.
61. Common Childhood Disorders.
Appendix A. NANDA Nursing Diagnoses 2009-2011.
Appendix B. Recommended Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule.
Appendix C. Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Symbols.
Appendix D. English/Spanish Words and Phrases.