Instructor’s Test Bank (TB) for Global Marketing 3rd Edition by Gillespie ISBN 1439039437 9781439039434 [DOWNLOAD INSTANT & ANONYMOUSLY]

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Test bank Solutions for Global Marketing 3rd Edition by Gillespie ISBN 1439039437 9781439039434 INSTRUCTOR TEST BANK SOLUTIONS VERSION


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Test bank Solutions for Global Marketing 3rd Edition by Gillespie ISBN 1439039437 9781439039434 INSTRUCTOR TEST BANK SOLUTIONS VERSION

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Table of Contants

1. Introduction to Global Marketing.
The Importance of Global Markets. The Development of Global Marketing. Why Study Global Marketing?
2. The Global Economy.
International Trade: An Overview. The Basic Theories of World Trade: Absolute, Comparative, and Competitive Advantage. Global Outsourcing. Balance of Payments
Exchange Rates. International Agencies for Promoting Economic and Monetary Stability. Protectionism and Trade Restrictions. Economic Integration as a Means of Promoting Trade
The Globalization Controversy.
3. Cultural and Social Forces.
A Definition of Culture. Religion. The Family. Education. Attitudes Toward Time. The Hofstede Measures of Culture. Language and Communication. Overcoming the Language Barrier. Adapting to Cultural Differences.
4. Political and Regulatory Climate.
Host Country Political Climate. Host Government Actions. Home Country Political Forces
Legal Environments. National Regulatory Environments. Regulatory Change. Political Risk
Global Marketing and Terrorism.
5. Global Markets.
Understanding Markets and Buyers. The Consumer Market. Business Markets. Government Markets.
6. Global Competitors.
The Globalization of Competition. Cultural Attitudes Toward Competition. Home Country Actions and Global Competitiveness. Competition from Emerging Markets. The Country-of-Origin Advantage.
7. Global Marketing Research.
The Scope of International Marketing Research. Challenges in Planning International Research. The Research Process. Utilizing Secondary Data. Analysis by Inference
Collecting Primary Data. Studying the Competition. Outsourcing Research. Developing a Global Information System.
8. Global Market Participation.
Internationalizing Marketing Operations. Evaluating National Markets. Geographic Market Choices. Country Selection.
9. Global Market Entry Strategies.
Exporting as an Entry Strategy. Foreign Production as an Entry Strategy. Ownership Strategies. Entering Markets Through Mergers and Acquisitions. Entry Strategy Selection and Configuration. Exit Strategies.
Part IV: Designing Global Marketing Programs.
10. Global Product Strategies.
Product Design in a Global Environment. Packaging and Labeling for Global Markets. Global Warranty and Service Policies. Managing a Global Product Line. Developing a Global Product. New Product Development Processes for Global Markets. Introducing New Products to Global Markets.
11. Global Strategies for Services, Brands, and Social Marketing.
Marketing Services Globally. Branding Decisions. Trademarks and Brand Protection. Social Marketing in the Global Context.
12. Pricing for International and Global Markets.
Profit and Cost Factors Affecting Pricing. Market Factors That Affect Pricing. Environmental Factors That Affect Pricing. Managerial Issues in Global Pricing.
13. Managing Global Distribution Channels.
The Structure of the Global Distribution System. Foreign Market Channel Members. Analyzing National Channels. Factors Influencing the Selection of Channel Members. Locating and Selecting Channel Partners. Managing Global Distribution. Gaining Access to Distribution Channels. Global Logistics. Global Trends in Retailing. Smuggling.
14. Global Promotion Strategies.
Global Promotion Strategies. Personal Selling. Global Account Management. Selling to Businesses and Governments. Other Forms of Promotion. Public Relations.

15. Managing Global Advertising.
Global versus Local Advertising. Developing Global Campaigns. The Global-Local Decision
Overcoming Language Barriers. Global Media Strategy. Organizing the Global Advertising Effort.
16. Organizing for Global Marketing.
Elements That Affect a Global Marketing Organization. Types of Organizational Structures
Controlling the Global Organization. Conflict Between Headquarters and Subsidiaries. Considering a Global Marketing Career.